Pathfinder Society

The Hydra's Fang Incident

Sent to Diobel with 4 other Pathfinders to meet a contact at “The Tails”. Contact tells us that a pirate has a valuable artifact which we need to recover before he can sell it. The Pirate owes money to an enforcer for the “Konsortium” so we head to his place of business. We catch 3 of the pirate crew in the act of killing the enforcer. 2 are killed and the third shows us the pirate’s escape route, a trapdoor, before being “punished” for breaking the law. The trapdoor leads under the docks. The ladder has been greased to make it slippery, but we avoid it. Greasy footprints lead away towards a hidden bay. While discussing options, we are ambushed by thugs and kill them. We take the thugs’ rowboats and head toward the Hydra’s Fang pirate ship. The ship signals us with a lantern and, when we fail to show the correct response, the crew opens fire on us. While I stay in one boat, 3 others climb the anchor chain to get aboard the ship. I take out two crewmen with one spectacular crossbow shot, while those on board engage at close quarters. The pirate captain appears, then flees, leaping from the stern into the water. Our fiesty dwarven monk follows, landing squarely atop the pirate in the water and wrestling with him there. The captain is brought back aboard ship and gives up the artifact as well as a key the dwarf was seeking and a special coin that I was asked to recover.



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